Zeppelin mit Bildfunkstrecke

Camera airships with live image transmissions, streams in real time and full HD

Camera airships are equipped with state-of-the-art transmission systems that allow us to transmit video from a bird's eye view to almost all common end devices.

These zeppelins fly silently and are powered exclusively by electricity.

Airships that must carry a live link have a minimum length of 6m. This allows high-resolution videos to be sent directly from the air to a receiver. The transmission is available as a full HD video stream for acceptance by the respective end devices. A wide variety of pick-up options are available at the receiver. In addition to a common SDI connection, HDMI and other sockets for signal pick-up are also possible.

Our indoor image transmission systems also have excellent digital transmission properties. Highest resolutions on the one hand and extremely short delays despite the amount of data to be transmitted are a guarantee for good live images.

System structure of the remote-controlled camera airships

The system design is limited to just two components. The actual airship as camera carrier and the transmitter module on the one hand and the receiver base on the other. By the way, no additional receiving antennas are needed in the room to transmit the signal. With this we have achieved indoor (!) interference-free transmission ranges of over 300m, despite reflecting obstacles in the building physics (reinforced concrete, steel girders and trapezoidal sheet metal).

It is no longer possible to imagine indoor sporting events without broadcasts from a bird's eye view. The advantages of camera blimps compared to a rope camera are obvious due to the simple installation. The shallow airship movements also eliminate image wobble. The camera airships also move barrier-free three-dimensionally through space and also enable impressive camera movements.

Zeppeline mit kleineren Hüllengrößen und dementsprechend weniger Auftrieb lassen sich mit Kameras wie beispielsweise  GoPro o.Ä. ausrüsten. Hier werden Aufnahmen direkt aufgezeichnet und anschliessend per Datenspeicher (Stick) zur weiteren Verwendung übergeben.

Even the small airships with a length of around 3.5m are used with cameras. As a result, there are possibilities to generate images and videos from the air even for cramped locations.

It is also possible without a camera. For this please have a look at our fair airshipsn vorbei.

Investigation of the building physics

Architectural review of important structural elements in the Tropical Islands, Brandenburg

An investigation during ongoing visitor operations at Tropical Islands. This work is not possible with conventional drones due to the risk of falling. This is why our airships were used. Tropical Islands is 360m long, 210m wide and 108m high.