Trade fair display inflatable advertising pillar - timeless product classic!

Inflatable light columns and advertising columns, digitally printed, produced in Berlin. We set quality standards.

Aufblasbare Werbesäulen oder Leuchtsäulen mit LED-Innenbeleuchtung als Messedisplay, In- & Outdoor- Ein beleuchtetes Werbedisplay zur Kennzeichnung Ihres Standortes, beispielsweise am Messestand oder POS. Die aufblasbare Werbesäule ist ein Eyecatcher. Einfachstes Handling sowie ein schneller Aufbau und machen diese Leuchtsäulen so beliebt.

Inflatable branded columns

A small fan provides the air flow that brings the light column into shape and size within one minute. Equipped with a high-quality LED-TUBE illuminant, the textile fabric printed with the advertising message is brightly illuminated and thus becomes a real eye-catcher. In standard size, the advertising pillars already have a height of 2.0m and a diameter of 60cm. Other dimensions of 2.5m, 2.7m or 3m can also be produced on request.
Thanks to its low weight of only 10 kg, the light column is well suited for mobile use. It can be packed up in a few easy steps and transported to the next location. For example, it is ideal for trade fair appearances and promotions. When the light column is no longer needed, it can be stowed away in its own basic bag in a matter of seconds. All details and quality features can also be found below in the .PDF.

Light columns from 3.2m height have a diameter of 80cm as a rule

From a total height of 3.2m, we increase the diameter of the advertising pillars to 80cm. This increases not only the height but also the total printable area. As standard, we produce our light columns with this diameter up to a height of 5.0m.

Inflatable advertising columns from Berlinzeppelin with outstanding quality features

Berlinzeppelin uses high-quality components for the production of the advertising pillars.

aufblasbare Leuchtsäule, die Werbesäule für Promotion und POS