Illuminated inflatable advertising pillars for indoor and outdoor use

Are you planning an event and want to present your brand or message effectively? Then inflatable advertising columns are the perfect solution. These inflatable advertising media are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are available in various shapes and can be custom-printed with your logo or advertising design thanks to 4-color sublimation printing. The lighting option also ensures that your advertising message is optimally visible, especially at events at night. Translated with (free version)

Inflatable advertising pillars for eye-catching advertising

  • Illuminated inflatable advertising pillars are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Advertising pillars are innovative, mobile and eye-catching displays for events and marketing campaigns not only at the POS.
  • Individual design options enable a creative and effective presentation of your advertising messages.
  • Inflatable advertising columns are suitable for various events such as trade fairs, congresses and corporate events.
  • The quality of our inflatable advertising columns guarantees reliable and long-lasting use.

Advertising pillars in different sizes

Our inflatable advertising columns have been specially developed for events. With their innovative design and mobile functionality, they are ideal as advertising pylons for a wide variety of events. Discover their versatility and how they can be used as inflatable advertising media.

Our inflatable advertising columns offer you the opportunity to present your advertising messages in a lively and appealing way. Thanks to their compact design, they are easy to transport, have a small pack size and allow you to present your brand wherever you want - be it at trade fairs, company events or other public events.

The inflatable advertising columns are not only mobile, but also extremely flexible to use. An illuminated advertising display to mark your location, for example at a trade fair stand or POS. The inflatable advertising pillar is an eye-catcher. Easy handling and quick set-up make these illuminated columns so popular. They can also be supplemented with lighting to ensure maximum visibility even in the dark or in poor lighting conditions.

With our inflatable advertising columns, you get a mobile advertising systemthat is not only practical, but also has the potential to give your marketing activities a significant boost. Use these advertising pylons to present your brand and reach your target group effectively.

aufblasbare Leuchtsäule, die Werbesäule für Promotion und POS

Inflatable advertising pillars for eye-catching advertising

The inflatable advertising pillars are available in different sizes, from standard pillars up to 3m high to pillars with a diameter of 80cm and a height of 4.5m. These inflatable advertising media are ideal for attracting attention and presenting your brand creatively. Thanks to the durable whisper blower, the columns remain stable and quietly inflated so that they are optimally visible, whether indoors or outdoors.

Continuous blower for advertising pillars

The continuous blower ensures that your inflatable advertising pillars are always in shape and present your advertising message without interruption. Set up with a weatherproof base, you can be sure that your advertising pillars will also work well outdoors. The robust and electrical construction makes them a durable and effective advertising medium for trade fairs, events and other functions. 

We only use reliable brand-name products for the permanent blowers in our inflatable advertising columns. These blowers are characterized by low power consumption and extremely quiet operation. They are specially designed for continuous operation so that your columns can be operated continuously and reliably.

Illuminated columns for indoor and outdoor use

Invest in our inflatable advertising columns and use their potential as mobile advertising systems for your events. Rely on a modern and eye-catching form of brand communication and increase awareness for your company.

Customized advertising pillar with your logo print & LED lighting

When it comes to presenting your advertising message effectively, a customized inflatable advertising pillar with logo is the perfect solution. With this advertising pillar, you can highlight your brand in a unique way and successfully communicate your individual message.

With our inflatable advertising pillar, you have the opportunity to place your logo or other advertising messages according to your ideas. By adapting it to your corporate design, your brand is presented in the best possible way and is displayed in an eye-catching way.

A small fan provides the air flow that brings the light column into shape and size within one minute. Equipped with a high-quality LED-TUBE illuminant, the textile fabric printed with the advertising message is brightly illuminated and thus becomes a real eye-catcher. In standard size, the advertising pillars already have a height of 2.0m and a diameter of 60cm. Other dimensions of 2.5m, 2.7m or 3m can also be produced on request.

Customized advertising pillars offer you numerous advantages for your marketing strategy. They allow you to present your brand in an authentic and memorable way. By customizing them with your logo, your advertising message is conveyed optimally and ensures a high level of visibility.

Summary of the advantages of an inflatable advertising pillar:

  • Can be customized with your logo
  • Increased visibility and attention for your brand
  • High-quality materials for a durable and attractive presentation
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Effective communication of your advertising message


Invest in a customized advertising pillar with logo and use this effective marketing solution to successfully present your brand. Contact us today to find out more about the possibilities of our inflatable advertising pillars.


Mobile advertising column for outdoor use

Our inflatable advertising pillars are not only suitable for indoor use, but have also been specially developed for outdoor use. Thanks to their robust construction and materials, they can easily withstand a wide range of weather conditions and optimally communicate your advertising message outdoors.

Whether at trade fairs, corporate events or other outdoor advertising campaigns - our mobile advertising pillars are versatile and ensure high visibility for your brand or message. Thanks to their inflatable design, they are easy to transport and quick to set up, allowing you to react flexibly to different locations.

Thanks to its low weight of only 10 kg, the light column is well suited for mobile use. It can be packed up in a few easy steps and transported to the next location. For example, it is ideal for trade fair appearances and promotions. When the light column is no longer needed, it can be stowed away in its own basic bag in a matter of seconds. All details and quality features can also be found below in the .PDF.


Advantages of mobile advertising pillars for outdoor use

  • Easy transportation and quick assembly
  • High resistance to weather influences
  • Flexible deployment options at various locations
  • Individual design options for an effective presentation
  • Excellent visibility outdoors


Rely on our mobile advertising pillars to effectively communicate your advertising message outdoors. Contact us today to find out more about our inflatable advertising pillars and to find a customized solution for your marketing.

At Berlinzeppelin, we attach great importance to quality and focus on the following features in order to offer you the best possible performance:

Possible applications for inflatable advertising pillars

Inflatable advertising pillars offer a wide range of applications that allow you to present your advertising messages effectively and attract attention. Whether at trade fairs, company celebrations or other advertising campaigns - these mobile advertising systems are extremely versatile and flexible.

aufblasbare Werbesäulen für den Aussenbereich
kleine und große Leuchtsäulen, aufblasbar mit hochwertigem Druck. Mit LED Innenbeleuchtung

Corporate events and events with illuminated columns

Inflatable advertising columns are perfect for corporate events and functions of all kinds. You can place them as an eye-catcher at the entrance to attract visitors and present your brand. You can also set up the advertising pillars in the event area to spread your message at various locations.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

aufblasbare Werbesäulen, ADIDAS, Kickoff EM2024
nflatable advertising column, Adidas kick-off event, presentation for EURO2024, “Football love”
aufblasbare Leuchtsäulen Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
Inflatable illuminated columns with interior lighting

Vertrauen Sie auf Berlinzeppelin für erstklassige aufblasbare Werbesäulen und Leuchtsäulen, die höchsten Qualitätsstandards entsprechen. Unser Engagement für herausragende Materialien, innovative Technologien und sorgfältige Verarbeitung gewährleistet, dass Ihre Werbebotschaft in einer beeindruckenden Weise präsentiert wird und Aufmerksamkeit erregt. Wenden Sie sich noch heute an uns und lassen Sie sich von unseren einzigartigen Lösungen überzeugen.

Street advertising and promotions

Mobile advertising systems such as inflatable advertising pillars are ideal for street advertising and promotions. You can set them up in high-traffic locations to draw the attention of passers-by to your brand. With their eye-catching design and the option of having them illuminated, they are guaranteed to catch the eye.

Product presentations

Inflatable advertising columns are also ideal for product presentations. Flank your POS with these easy-to-assemble displays. By customizing them with your logo or other advertising messages, you can further strengthen your brand.

All in all, inflatable advertising columns offer a flexible and effective way to present your advertising messages at various events and promotions. Thanks to their mobile design and versatile application options, you can generate attention exactly where it is needed.

Quality features of our inflatable advertising pillars

With our inflatable advertising columns, you can rely on high quality. They have been manufactured with the utmost care and from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliable performance.

The materials used for our advertising pillars are robust and durable so that they can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Whether rain, sun or wind - your advertising message will always be clearly visible thanks to the high-quality materials and workmanship.

The easy handling of our inflatable advertising columns makes them a practical option for use at various events. You can set up and take down the columns quickly and easily, making them flexible to use. Whether you want to use them indoors or outdoors, our advertising columns are easy to transport and quickly ready for use.

Whether for trade fair stands, company events or other advertising campaigns - our inflatable advertising columns offer you quality, durability and easy handling.


In summary, we can say that our illuminated columns for indoor and outdoor use offer ideal opportunities to support your events and marketing campaigns. With their flexible and mobile functionality, they are the perfect inflatable advertising medium to attract attention and communicate your advertising message effectively. Whether at trade fairs, corporate events or other advertising campaigns, our inflatable advertising columns offer a wide range of applications.

With LED lighting, our inflatable advertising pillars create an appealing visual presence that presents your brand in the best possible way. They are also characterized by their high quality and durability, so you can rely on a dependable advertising medium.

Discover the many advantages and applications of our illuminated inflatable advertising columns and use them to present your company and achieve your marketing goals. With their mobility and flexibility, they are an effective solution for highlighting your advertising message and reaching potential customers. Rely on our illuminated inflatable advertising columns to successfully support your events and marketing campaigns.

beleuchtete aufblasbare Werbesäulen als Pop-Up Display
Illuminated advertising columns as pillars or cones
aufblasbare Werbesäule mit LED Beleuchtung
Inflatable advertising pillar made of high-quality textile material, high-contrast and weatherproof printing. Fast mobile inflatable display for many applications
Hier ein paar beispiele für Aufblasbare Lichtsäulen - VW, Saturn, rbb Radio Eins und die Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung.
Inflatable illuminated columns for events & POS