Remote controlled blimps

Remote controlled airships are visible from afar. They achieve an ideal presence in large sports arenas and exhibition halls. Airship sizes from 3.4 to 8m in length are part of our portfolio here.

All our airships are so-called baffle airships. In contrast to the construction of zeppelins with an inner framework, we achieve the shaping of our airship hulls by using our own cut patterns, which are filled with helium.

The fair zeppelins have a length of around 3.4m or 4.5m and are not only silent but also precise and safe in operation. We also have a rental fleet of larger airships for your use.

Due to their size, outdoor airships are always weather-dependent. Wind as well as thermals and other weather events can force the airships to stay on the ground. Deployment requirements should therefore always be discussed. These zeppelins have a minimum size of 6m and are thus electrically powered by larger engines. In addition, they are equipped with further control aids (controllable tail units) and their flight behaviour is somewhat more complex than that of indoor airships.

For the planning of your advertising campaigns with these tools, get in touch with us.

Mieten Sie ein Luftschiff aus unserer Flotte mit Ihrem Logo!

Our airship fleet is available to you with your individual logo branding. You book these airships, including specialist personnel for assembly and operation, as a full service, so to speak. Logo inscriptions for rental operations are implemented according to your specifications with removable printed foils on the hulls. This saves you having to purchase a Zeppelin for individual uses.

By the way, nationwide assignments can also be booked with us. Berlinzeppelin has a customer base and references from various major sports leagues.

We have years of experience in the implementation of airship missions. In short: Berlinzeppelin is equipped with the most modern levels of RC electronics. The combination of trained pilots, high-quality equipment and all the necessary documents and insurance policies makes our missions a real experience. From a single operation at your trade fair or corporate event, for example, we can also offer you series of operations with recurring events. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate size of airship to use. Logo placement and features such as equipment with cameras will be discussed with you. Furthermore, there are also drop mechanisms for give-aways.

Nationally as well as internationally, we have received flight clearances for our customers, also in the most modern multifunctional arenas.

Airships for hire for trade fairs & congresses

Airship operations with your logo, individually branded. Hire your airship from our fleet for your presentation. Nationwide, with pilot staff.

Luftschiffe für Sportsponsoring

Remote-controlled zeppelins for event arenas from 4000 visitors. We offer airship operations as a total concept for your sponsorship. Airships from 4.5 - 8m in length.

Airships with camera & image transmission

Airships with full HD image radio links enable live images from a bird's eye view.

blimp model kit

An airship kit for model builders. With finished airship hull and many add-on parts.