inflatable walls

Trade fair partition walls ensure quick and easy partitioning in trade fair halls. Fast assembly with small transport and storage dimensions at the same time.

Inflatable partitions offer a variety of advantages over traditional room dividers.

One of the biggest advantages is their flexibility. They can be easily set up and taken down again and can therefore be easily transported from one room to another in a very short time. This is ideal for temporary events or places that need to be rearranged frequently, such as exhibition stands or conference rooms or partitions of meeting areas in large halls.

Another advantage of inflatable partitions is their low weight and equally high mobility. They are much easier to transport and handle than heavy, rigid partitions and can easily be erected by one person alone. Moreover, they can be inflated or deflated quickly when needed, which saves time and effort.

In addition, these mobile partitions are extremely versatile. They can be made in different shapes and sizes and can therefore be adapted to the specific requirements of a room or event. All inflatable partitions can even be printed with different motifs, logos or full-surface graphics to match the desired design.

Finally, inflatable partitions also provide some sound insulation and privacy. They can help reduce ambient noise and are used to create separate areas within larger rooms or exhibition halls without the need for structural alterations.

Overall, inflatable partitions offer a flexible, lightweight and versatile solution for dividing space that is ideal for temporary events or venues that need to be frequently reconfigured. With their ease of use and adaptability, they can be a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional partitions.

For your enquiry, we need information on the height and length of the module. If it is a curved wall, please provide us with your drawings.