Remote controlled airships
Eyecatcher im Sport-Sponsoring
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Aufblasbare Globen und Planeten
Kleines Pack- & Transportmaß, individuelle Druckgrafiken
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Produktnachbildungen als Kaltuftdisplay
Riesen Wirkung bei gleichzeitig kleinem Transportmaß.
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Aufblasbarer Mond auch für den Outdooreinsatz
Beeindruckende Kulisse und hochwertige Dekoelemente.
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Inflatable branded columns
Einfachstes Handling für POS, Messen und Ausstellungen. Natürlich beleuchtet!
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Messe- & Leuchtballons
Schwebende Ballons mit individuellem Druck sind weithin sichtbar. Aufmerksamkeitsstark und Symphatisch!
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Aufblasbare, mobile Trennwände
Klassiker für Kongresse und modulare Aufteilung von Hallenpartitionen.
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Aufblasbare Eventdomes
Wir kreieren Räume in kürzester Zeit mit diesen aufblasbaren Zelten. Gerne setzen wir Ihre Ideen individuell um.
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Inflatables , globes & planets, structures.

Since 2001, we have established ourselves as a company with high quality standards in the segments of inflatable large displays from tethered balloons and illuminated balloons to inflatable light columns, giant globes and other fan-operated displays. We not only supply customers in Berlin & Germany but also internationally.

Take a look around. Our references of inflatable displays may inspire you for your own measures to significantly increase your presence at events in the future.

Berlinzeppelin produces individual inflatable advertising displays and small series such as our inflatable light column directly in Berlin. For our customers from the region, we can also subsequently provide customer support with its
events. From the set-up service to the logistics for balloon gas. The handling of many of our inflatable displays is designed in such a way that you can easily handle this event equipment yourself.

Inflatable advertising pillars

Quickly inflatable advertising pillars. Easy handling, small transport and packing size. An eye-catcher for trade fairs and events.

inflatable globes

Inflatable globes and other planets with extremely detailed print motifs. From 1.8 to 6m diameter. You can also rent XXL globes from us.

remote controlled airship

Remote-controlled airships are still an unbeatable tool, attention-grabbing and indispensable for indoor events.

illuminated ballons

Helium balloons for day & night use. Visible from afar and at the same time appealing to the eye.

Sonderform aufblasbarer Torbogen

inflatable sports gate

We manufacture inflatable goal arches or start/finish arches individually according to customer requirements.

Cold air displays, Inlatables

Product replicas in XXL format. Our inflatables convince through high quality in processing and printing.

inflatable walls

Mobile exhibition walls for separating small and large meeting areas are used for conferences and conventions.

Transparente Podestkugel

modules and decorative elements

Highly transparent shelters and other modules for shopping malls & museums

inflatable domes

Inflatable tents also in individual shapes. Made of tarpaulin material or high-strength spinnaker fabric for various applications.