Product replicas: A cold air display is robust, durable and always an eye-catcher

A cold-air display gets its shape or even its volume within a few minutes by means of a gel built into the cover material. The inflatables can also be optionally equipped with interior lighting.

aufblasbare Produktnachbildungen, robust und langlebig:

Our cold air displays are characterised by particularly robust and extremely quiet blowers. Fabric-reinforced tarpaulin material or nylon fabric for the air body create ideal conditions for a long service life. There are almost no limits to the shape of the displays. With standard sizes of up to 8m in height, cold air displays are a good alternative to helium balloons and zeppelins for long-term use. These displays are used especially in the entrance areas of major trade fairs or at sporting events, where you and your product will not be overlooked. Larger areas for logo placement can be created in the equally inflatable base elements. These bases ensure a firm and secure stand even with critical shapes. Ballastings for wind resistance can also be easily accommodated here via zip systems. In the case of higher wind loads, bracing with ropes is also necessary. For this, several bracing points are incorporated according to the size of the cold-air display and sewn into the surfaces so that they are barely visible.

Shaping of cold air displays:

In addition to the standard shapes (sphere or pear), all other round and cylindrical bodies can usually be reproduced. Cuboids or other "angular" shapes can also be produced, but the surfaces always have a certain roundness. If you would like to have a specific shape reproduced, we will take care of creating a sketch and of course also do the "artwork" for your display. In addition to some standard material colours, it is also possible to have the cold air displays fully printed. For an initial rough cost estimate, we first need a sketch or product image from you. We also need the specification of the body size and the corresponding application area. We will then select the materials to be used accordingly. Simply get in touch with us.

integrated, quiet fans

Over 90% of the inflatables we manufacture use quiet, energy-saving fans. These fans are usually installed inside the cold air display and are therefore hardly visible.