Advertising balloons and illuminated balloons

Exhibition balloons with 1.8m, 2.0m and 2.5m diameter, optionally with LED interior lighting.

We have optimised the trade fair balloons for indoor use in recent years and will in future be offering a single ropemounting Only a single rope is fixed to the lower edge of the balloon. Our new advertising balloons will convince you in quality and handling. We can dispense here with the classic suspension of the trade fair balloons by means of an otherwise common rope spider, which is no longer necessary for load distribution of the buoyancy in the smaller advertising balloon sizes up to 2.2m diameter.

Werbeballons mit Helium oder Luft gefüllt

Messeballons Anwendungsbeispiel
  • By omitting the usual holding points in the lower area of the helium balloon, your trade fair balloon looks even more elegant.

  • The "interference surfaces" of the holding points as well as the multiple ropes in the lower area of the fair balloons are no longer necessary.

  • This eliminates the need for the central holding knot together with the carabiner and rope spider.

  • Shadows cast by internal suspensions and the "disturbance" of the print area of your advertising balloon by holding points are thus reduced to a minimum.

Light balloons, giant balloons, fair balloons with light and light balloons

illuminated ballons Illuminated or light balloons are ideal as displays that you can use during the day as well as in the evening or at night for your location marking. Event lighting is also possible with these systems. The lightballoons do not create a glaring, glaring light but a warm, rather calming light as bright as the moon. Light balloons are available in the sizes 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0m diameter.

Light balloons with different types of lighting

The interior lighting consists of 2 x 400W or 2 x 1,000W halogen lamps. Alternatively, we also offer LED lamps. All interior lighting systems are prefabricated so that they only need to be connected to a 230V power source. The power cable is run in parallel with the tether cable. The standard cable length is 12m. The charging height is defined accordingly. However, other cable lengths can be assembled. The set-up time for the balloons is approx. 10 - 20 min, depending on the size.

The use of illuminated balloons outdoors requires good weather with little wind. We use illuminated balloons for our customers in Berlin for numerous events. Whether for trade fairs, concert events or for Langen Nacht der MuseenIlluminated balloons are unique because they can be seen from afar and are extremely eye-catching, but at the same time they are not "obtrusive".

Light balloons are produced individually just like the other trade fair balloons. A 3-sided logo print or a full-surface print with individual background colours are therefore just as feasible. Please bear in mind that darker background colours influence the luminosity of the balloons. You will achieve the highest light output with a white balloon.

Leuchtballon, Philharmonie Berlin
Leuchtballon zur Langen Nacht der Museen.
Leuchtballons Berlin Tempelhof
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin
Leuchtballons versprühen durch ihr verschiedenfarbiges Licht immer einen eigenen, besonderen Charme.
Leuchtballon ILA Berlin

Good visibility of your fair balloon indoors, with a launch height of up to 6m

Experience shows that fair balloons in sizes between 1.8 - 2.5m are not fixed higher than 3-6m (lower edge of balloon). With this, you achieve excellent and at the same time eye-catching visibility even in exhibition halls with high stand density. A fireproof (B1) 2mm steel cable with a length of 6m is included as standard in the delivery of our exhibition balloons. You can easily adjust the inflation height of your balloon on site according to your needs.

Logo printing, multi-sided or full-surface printing of your advertising balloon

The standard printing on the giant balloons is screen printing with screen printing inks. Depending on the shape of the logo, the lettering on the balloon can, for example, be 2, 3 or even 4-sided equatorial. Complex lettering files, photo prints or graphics with colour gradients are realised in digital printing. We will be happy to provide you with a preview of your advertising balloon if you provide us with the appropriate data. Of course, full body prints (complete printing of the balloon surface) are also possible. You can find examples here: XXL-Globus

LED interior lighting for advertising balloons from 1.6m diameter!

An absolute novelty for these advertising balloons is the interior lighting, even for the smallest size of 1.8m diameter. The further development of our interior lighting for this balloon class enables completely new and more efficient lighting compared to competitor products.
We do not use the usual central "hanging assembly" in the balloon body. Conventional interior lighting is suspended from a mounting point so that it is in the centre of the balloon after assembly. This suspension inevitably causes unsightly shadows to be cast on the surface of the balloon.

All LED units used are manufactured according to industrial standards and are already pre-assembled in your light balloon ready for use. This means that you do not have to make any additional effort to install or dismantle interior lighting during assembly and disassembly. This reduces the assembly time considerably and makes for easy handling. The packing size of the balloon envelope for later storage also remains comparably small despite the fact that the interior lighting remains in the balloon body.

The daylight-like light colour of just under 6000 Kelvin of the modern LED chips with high luminous flux intensity ensure a pleasant and at the same time colour-neutral reproduction of your printed advertising message. A great effect for less well-lit exhibition halls or atmospheric evening events!
The compact and at the same time light construction makes it possible for us to equip all sizes of exhibition balloons with this new lighting technology! Even the smallest size of, for example, 1.8m diameter with relatively low residual buoyancy can be operated with this lighting technology without any problems.

The power supply for the interior lighting is provided by a power cable that is only 3mm thin. This is led to the ground parallel to the holding rope of the balloon and connected to the 12V power supply unit. All that is needed is a power socket to switch on the interior lighting.