Werbeluftschiffe, ferngesteuerte Eventluftschiffe

RC Zeppeline für Messen und Sporthallen bis 4000 Besucher​.

For trade fair events and smaller sports arenas with capacities of up to 4tsd visitors, you can hire our full-service advertising airships.

The airships have an overall length of 3.4 or 4.5m and are also manoeuvrable enough to be flown precisely even in smaller event halls. By using these airship classes, you achieve maximum visibility work and are omnipresent for the visitor.

An absolute eye-catcher that clearly stands out from standardised formats such as static LED banners. Flying freely, you achieve an attention-grabbing tool whose effect cannot be overlooked.

Mission accessories and special modules for rc airships

Event airships with drop mechanism for merchandising articles

As accessories for the classic application, special modules such as a drop mechanism for merchandise articles can be booked additionally. For airships with an aspect ratio of 4.5m, we offer a 4-place mechanism. This enables a coordinated controllable release of 4 successive intervals. This gives you a very special and additional added value for visitors. Vouchers for jerseys, VIP tickets, etc. are usually used for this purpose.

If necessary, the drop box can be refilled at short notice at any time. To do this, the pilot flies into the landing zone. The loading takes place within seconds.

In cooperation with the local fan shops, these vouchers can be redeemed for visitors.

Furthermore, the airships can also be equipped with cameras This gives you the opportunity to document your operations from the air. There are many other possibilities for using the video data besides online use on social media platforms.

We provide full service support for your airship booking. Ideally, you should involve us with sufficient advance notice when planning your deployment. For this purpose, your operating conditions are discussed and determined. In addition, we create your visualisation with your logo implementation of the rental airship.

The booking is made on a daily basis.