Inflatable advertising columns, inflatable globes and other reference examples of our projects.

aufblasbarer beleuchteter Mond

inflatable moon illuminated

Light installation Magic Forest Lenzerheide, Switzerland.
Berlinzeppelin produced this almost 5m large moon with over 400W LED light unit.

The special feature for this application was the long standing time in the outdoor area under adverse conditions planned by the customer.

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Mobile und aufblasbare Trennwände, je nach Schnittmuster gerade oder gebogen.

inflatable walls

Inflatable partition walls for dividing larger hall areas into smaller units. Presentations, discussions and meeting areas are given their own partitions in large halls.

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aufblasbares Display

giant inflatable

THE MAN! A 12m high display. Berlinzeppelin flew to the UAE for an express mission to repair this display. After only 24 hours, this display was ready for use again at EXPO 2022 in Dubai.

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Schneekugel, aufblasbarer Shelter

Snow globe XXL

Inflatable transparent sphere as a shelter for a deco production, incl. pedestal base and blower technology, 3/4 sphere with a dome height of 4.5m.

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Globus 4m Weltkugel für einen Werbespot, Hangar Studios Berlin, aufblasbar 4m Durchmesser

Globe with 4m diameter

Equipment for a studio backdrop with a 4m globe in English map language. This globe has controllable DMX lighting. Production for Hangar Studio Berlin for an international commercial.

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aufblasbares Kuppelzelt als Bühnenelement

inflatable dome

Inflatable event domes and tents create temporary spaces according to your needs. This igloo has a diameter of 13m and served as a dressing room and stage entrance for a fashion event.

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Zuschnitt Globuskarte

Cutting of globe segments

The segments (gores) of an inflatable globe are cut to the nearest millimetre on a plotter. Depending on the diameter of the final product, they are placed on the width of the media by software.

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Kaltluftdisplay Lieferfahrzeug

inflatable van

Sixt hat sich für ein Inflatable als Eyecatcher entschieden. Dieser Transporter wurde nach Vorlage einer Skizze im Maßstab 1:1 produziert und für eine bessere Sichtbarkeit auf den Verkaufsräumen montiert.

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Werbesäule mit Digitaldruck


Werbesäule Standortmarketing für POS & Event. Die Werbesäule ist innenbeleuchtet. Verfügbar in Höhen von bis zu 4,5m.

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