Inflatable globe from 2 to 6m diameter

The representation and reproduction of globes is obvious with the round balloons. Theatre and trade fair & exhibition construction or educational as well as museum applications will find the right "prop" for an inflatable globe and other inflatable planets here.

A diameter of at least 1.8m makes sense for this application due to the cutting pattern and seam thickness. By the way, the largest globe we have made so far has a diameter of 6m.

Maps: Giant globe with individual print motifs

Berlinzeppelin has a wide range of textures that we can implement for you in a 360┬░ print on the balloon surface. In addition to topographical representations, we can also implement your globe with photo prints and satellite images of the earth, moon or similar. Earth representations are available in the variants of the map material weather globe, (photo print of the earth as satellite image with or without cloud illustration). Also possible are topographic representations, vegetation representations such as forestation, bush/grassland, snow & ice. On top of that, political world maps with different colourings of countries, borders and their capitals. Last but not least, there is a degree grid as a coordinate system with the tropics, a date line and much more.

Video: inflatable globe

Video: production of an inflatable globe

Production of inflatable globes

The production of inflatable globes is a complex process in which various segments are sewn together to form a sphere. Below is a rough description of the production process:

  1. Spherical shape: First, the diameter and the map resolution are defined. This is done through the use of software.

  2. Cartography, segmentation and cutting: after map creation, segmentation and digital printing take place.

  3. Composition: The different segments are now carefully sewn together with a twin needle.

  4. Completion: The sphere is now carefully inspected for any faults and defects, the whisper fan is installed in a sleeve and, if necessary, an interior light is added.

Map language: The inscriptions such as country names and city names can be selected for the inflatable globes (German or English).

All embedded fonts and their colour representations can be designed and changed according to your specifications. Of course, additional data can also be embedded for your inflatable globe. Placement of your logo files or markings of branch locations at various points on the globe can be implemented. Likewise, for example, the incorporation of airlines (e.g. for airlines).

Our maps have an extremely high resolution, so that the print remains extremely detailed even with a diameter of 6m. Country and city names are available in 2 languages (English/German) on all our maps. We also create other map languages on request.

All inflatable globes can also be equipped with high-quality interior lighting.

Advantages of inflatable textile globes:

  • Through the use of high-quality textiles, we achieve a brilliant print image as well as high-contrast colours.

  • Extensive and politically up-to-date map material

  • Low-priced with high-quality presentation at the same time

  • Minimal packing size for transport and storage (a 2.5m globe has a packing size of about 60 x 40 x 40cm) and weighs only about 8kg

  • low weight

  • short production times of about 2-4 weeks

  • Minimal set-up and dismantling times, easy handling, cost-effective shipping

  • Textile globes have a long service life and are insensitive to perforations or other damage

  • All textile globes from Berlinzeppelin can be used indoors at trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses thanks to a fire protection certificate (B1 flame retardant) for the material used.

Globe for trade fairs & exhibitions with LED lighting

Each globe is made from a previously printed textile fabric. For operation, a whisper fan is incorporated at the north or south pole, depending on how the globe is to be used. This position determines the later operation as a suspended or floor-standing version. The blower permanently supplies the large volume of the globe with a quiet air flow. This causes the globe to blow itself up, so to speak, and thus to shape and size itself. A standard plug CEE, 7/4 is required for the power connection, which also supplies the LED lighting.Other plug variants are available on request. With a diameter of 2.5 m, it takes no more than 3 minutes to set up this globe. Just hang them up, plug them in and you're done!

Neues St├Ąndersystem f├╝r aufblasbare Globen und Planeten

Ab sofort k├Ânnen bodenstehende Systeme mit einem attraktiven Standfu├č versehen werden. Das ist nicht nur optisch eine Aufwertung. So erreichen auch kleinere Globen eine fast schwebende Anmutung.
Im Standfu├č ist zugleich die externe Stromversorgung integriert, die einfach mittels Kaltger├Ątestecker angeschlossen wird.
Der St├Ąnder besteht aus hochwertigem Aluminium und ist in seinem Finish silber eloxiert.

You can also rent a giant globe from us. (local enquiries only)

Mietsysteme gibt es mit 2m, 3m, 4m oder 4,5m Durchmesser. Die Mietsysteme k├Ânnen keine individualisierten Kartendarstellungen aufnehmen. Vorgaben zur Nutzung sind hilfreich. Bitte geben Sie uns die vorgesehene Art der Verwendung (bodenstehend oder zum Abh├Ąngen) und den gew├╝nschten Durchmesser sowie Ihre Nutzungsdauer vor.

In addition to the giant globes, we can also produce customised giant golf balls, footballs etc.

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