Category: Allgemein

Mobile und aufblasbare Trennwände, je nach Schnittmuster gerade oder gebogen.

inflatable walls

Inflatable partition walls for dividing larger hall areas into smaller units. Presentations, discussions and meeting areas are given their own partitions in large halls.


remote controlled airship

6m airship in customer design, here EWR from Rheinhessen. From 6m stretch, the airship covers are made of a printable PVC.

aufblasbare Werbesäulen, bedruckt und beleuchtet, 2,7m Höhe

Inflatable advertising pillars

Inflatable advertising columns are eye-catching eye-catchers and customer stoppers at the same time. Almost 3m high with a diameter of 60cm. A fast inflatable display with ultra easy handling.

Storck-Zeppelin, Flughafen Tempelhof

Indoor blimp, 6m

Corporate event at Berlin's former Tempelhof Airport. The chocolate manufacturer Storck had its company airship produced by us.