RC airships from 6m length, eye-catcher for event arenas with 6000 visitors and more

This airship class is reserved for large event arenas with capacities of 6 - 12 thousand visitors.

With an almost majestic appearance, these giants float through large German venues. Sponsors of major German indoor sports leagues book this airship class because of its likeable and at the same time unobtrusive but nevertheless unmissable presence.

rc airships with camera equipment, picture radio routes & merchandise drop

In contrast to the smaller zeppelins, RC airships with a total length of 6m or more and a larger helium volume can consequently carry larger loads. Finally, the possibilities for equipping these zeppelins with further features are expanding.

One of the options is our tried and tested digital image radio links. Here, the airships carry both a camera and a live transmitter. In this way, the aerial images are sent to a receiver unit with an extremely short delay. From here, the live image or video material can be distributed for further use. The image transmission is interference-free.

Projections on video walls & multimedia cubes are also possible.

The ejection mechanism for vouchers and other merchandise is also possible here. Depending on the size of the airship, different magazine sizes are used (4, 6 or 8 magazines). It is also possible to reload drop items at any time.

Abwurfmechanismus für Giveaways für RC Luftschiffe

The rental airships always have a white hull. Logo inscriptions for your daily operations are implemented with foil plots. In contrast to textile banners or other implementations, we achieve an extremely homogeneous look.

In addition to the pure two-sided logo display on a white cover, we can also produce a fully printed airship cover for you. This makes full-surface colour conversion possible. With this option, however, you buy the airship cover, which we can store for you between uses. We then travel to your events with rental equipment and your property hull.

We provide full service support for your airship booking. Ideally, you should involve us in the planning of the operation with sufficient advance notice. For this purpose, your operating conditions are discussed and determined. In addition, we will create your visualisation with your logo implementation of the rental airship in advance. Please also have a look at our smaller airships vorbei.